Monday, April 28, 2008

Nhac Que Huong

Bonjour Vietnam - Marc Lavoine - Pham Quynh Anh:

Huong Ve Ha Noi - Hoang Duong - Thu Phuong -
in PBN91 - Background photos by Hoang Khai Nhan:

Em Di Chua Huong - Trung Duc & Nguyen Nhuoc Phap - Tu Quyen & Thanh Truc:

Cau Ho Ben Bo Hien Luong - Thu Hien:

Ai Ra Xu Hue - Duy Khanh - Anh Tuyet:

Thuong Ve Mien Trung - Duy Khanh - Nhu Quynh:

Da Lat Hoang Hon & Thuong Ve Mien Dat Lanh - Le Minh Bang - Thanh Tuyen:

Nha Trang Ngay Ve - Pham Duy - Thien Kim:

Chieu Len Ban Thuong - Le Dinh - Phi Nhung:

Trang Son Cuoc - Van Phung - Cam Ly:

Ghe Ben Saigon (Van Phung) & Saigon (Y Van) - Hop Ca:

LK Dem Do Thi & Saigon - Y Van - Ho Le Thu, Bao Han & Thuy Van:

Giong An Giang - Anh Viet Thu - Hop Ca:

Soc Trang - Nha Thanh & Doan Vu Lac Hong:

Ao Moi Ca Mau - Thanh Ngan:

Cong Tu Bac Lieu - Thanh Ngan:

Em Ve Miet Thu - Huong Thuy:

Qua Ben Ninh Kieu - Cam Ly:

Nho Hoai Hau Giang - Tan Co Giao Duyen - Thanh Ngan:

Doan Nguoi Lu Thu - Hop Ca Paris by Night:

Nang Dep Mien Nam - Ha Phuong & Phuong Thuy:

Khuc Hat An Tinh - Xuan Tien - Hop Ca:

Toi Yeu - Trinh Hung - Nhu Loan, Thanh Truc & Ho Le Thu:

J'espere (Toi Hy Vong) - Marc Lavoine & Pham Quynh Anh:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuổi Học Trò

Lien Khuc Ao Dai Viet Nam - Ha Vy:

Trung Vuong Khung Cua Mua Thu
Nhac Ngoai Quoc - Loi Nam Loc - Thanh Truc:

Noi Buon Hoa Phuong - Dam Vinh Hung & Phi Nhung:

Ngay Xua Hoang Thi - Tho Pham Thien Thu - Nhac Pham Duy
Thanh Lan hat:

Phuong Buon & No Duyen - Cam Ly & Van Quang Long:

Tuoi Biet Buon - Pham Duy - Thanh Lan 1970:

Tuoi Mong Mo - Pham Duy - Thai Hien 1970:

Tuoi Ngoc - Pham Duy - Thai Hien 1970:

Tuoi Ngoc - Pham Duy - Thai Thao 1993:

Tuoi Ngoc - Pham Duy - Ninh Cat Loan Chau:

Ong Trang - Pham Duy - Dong Ca 1970:

Cho Em Quen Tuoi Ngoc - Lam Phuong - Bach Yen & Tran Thu Ha:

Lien Khuc Tuoi Hoc Tro Nhu Quynh Hoang Lan My Huyen:

LK Noi Buon Hoa Phuong - Luu But Ngay Xanh
Nhu Quynh - Hoang Oanh - Huong Lan:

Ve Tham Truong Cu - Tuan Vu:

Ve Lai Truong Xua:

Ve Tham Mai Truong Xua - Trinh Cong Son:

Mua Ha Cuoi Cung - Ngoc Linh:

Ky Niem Mai Truong:

Ngoi Truong Dau Yeu:

Thuong Ca Mua Ha - Minh Tuyet:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI Visiting USA

Message of Pope Benedict XVI Before His Visit to USA:

Part One - Pope Benedict XVI Visits America:

Part Two - Pope Benedict XVI Visits America:

Part Three - Pope Benedict XVI Visits America:

Pope Benedict XVI Arrives in USA Greeted by President:

Pope Benedict XVI was welcomed to the White House:

Pope Benedict XVI at White House:

Pope Benedict XVI and the President 4/16/2008 Follow-up:

Pope Benedict begins US visit:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Phim Tài Liệu Việt Nam

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 01:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 02:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 03:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 04:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 05:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 06:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 07:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 08:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 09:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 10:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 11:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 15:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 16:

Phim Tài Liệu Lịch Sử Tố Quốc Việt Nam 17:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nguyen An - The Vietnamese Eunuch Architect Who Rebuilt Beijing

Author: John Walsh -
Published: Mar 21, 2007 -

Nguyen An was taken as tribute from Vietnam to China and became a eunuch in service to the Chinese emperor. He achieved a successful career as an architect.

Nguyen An’s reputation is only beginning to be re-established in recent years, after he had been ignored for several centuries. He is coming to be seen as one of the most remarkable architect of China, despite having been taken from Vietnam as a boy and fated to become a eunuch in the service of five Chinese emperors of the Ming Dynasty, between the first and the fifth decades of the C15th.

Although Vietnam had established its independence of China by defeating the Mongol conquerors at the Battles of Bac Danh, a tributary system was still in operation. To demonstrate their willingness to enter into trade and alliance with Imperial China, neighbouring countries such as Vietnam would periodically send tribute missions to the Chinese emperor and would then be permitted to conduct trade at officially designated trading cities. It is unfortunate but nevertheless the case that people could be included as tribute goods, which is what happened to Nguyen An. The Chinese court had a long tradition of castrating male servants and, although it sounds barbaric and painful, becoming a court eunuch was regarded by some young men as a desirable career choice. A Eunuch presented no threat to the Emperor’s court of wives and concubines, it was thought, so would be more likely to participate in court and imperial household affairs. It appears that eunuchs had no limit on achievements and could even rise as high as did the great Admiral Zheng He.

Little is known of Nguyen An’s early years in China but he is recorded in Chinese chronicles as being instructed to design an overall plan for Beijing citadel, including numerous offices, houses and palaces, by the Emperor Taizong. Nguyen An had not yet reached the age of thirty. He gained considerable prestige and respect for his ability in managing a workforce of 10,000 soldiers in building the various buildings swiftly and according to budget. An enormous amount and variety of building materials was necessary and opportunities for error must have been enormous. Nguyen An’s reputation was made: his next task was to rebuild three temples and he managed this so successfully that the emperor rewarded him with fifty taels of gold, one hundred taels of silver, eight tons of silk and 10,000 yuan in cash. From then onwards, he was kept busy with a dizzying array of architectural projects in Beijing and also along the river and canal system of China, on which cities and countryside alike relied for flows of food and goods, as well as transportation. Repairing and strengthening the dykes of the system was a large-scale undertaking.

Nguyen An achieved a great deal and was obviously a talented and diligent individual. It is impossible to know what he might have achieved had he been left to follow his destiny in his home country.

References and Further Reading

Renowned Vietnamese Intellectuals Prior to the 20th Century (Hanoi: The Gioi Publishers, 2004).

John Walsh, Shinawatra University, March 2007

For more information, please click on the link listed below:

Read more in China History Forum:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Paris By Night 91

Qui vi co the thay nhung video clips nay tren internet. Nhung chung ta nen mua bang goc de giup nen van hoc hai ngoai duoc song mai.

Paris By Night 91 - Hai Kich (Part 2 - 4):

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Bai Tango Di Vang - Y Lan:

Bai Tinh Ca Mua Dong - Le Thu:

Kiep Ngheo - Lam Phuong - Y Lan:

Kiep Ngheo & Xin Thoi Gian Qua Mau - Tam Doan & Phuong Diem Hanh:

Mong Chieu Xuan - Loan Chau:

Mong Lanh - Loan Chau:

Pho Buon - Pham Duy - Thanh Thuy:

Tango Di Vang - Anh Bang - Y Lan:

Tango Tinh - Loan Chau:

Thu Ca - Pham Manh Cuong - Quang Dung:

Thuong Doi Hoa - Le Dinh - Ho Le Thu:

Tieng Dan Toi - Pham Duy - Phi Khanh:

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nghieu Minh

Mẹ Từ Bi - Nghieu Minh - Hong Ngoc:

Mẹ Như Ðóa Sen Nghèo - Nghieu Minh - Tam Ca Hai Au:

Mẹ Cội Nguồn - Nghieu Minh - Khac Dung:

Bởi Có Em Tôi Ở Lại Ðây - Nghieu Minh - Quynh Lan:

Chợ Trăng - Nghieu Minh - Tam Ca The He Moi:

Ðà Lạt Của Người Tôi Yêu - Nghieu Minh - Vinh Hien:

Ðà Lạt Trăm Năm - Nghieu Minh - Khac Dung:

Ðêm Tơ Vương - Nghieu Minh - Vinh Hien:

Giọt Mưa Tình - Nghieu Minh - Quang Minh:

Hát Bài Yêu Em - Nghieu Minh - Le Duy:

Khúc Tình Ca Xanh - Nghieu Minh - Khac Dung:

Mặt Ngọc Tình Yêu - Nghieu Minh - Quoc Dai:

Thà Nói Với Nắng - Nghieu Minh - Ho Le Thu:

Trên Tình Người Năm Châu - Nghieu Minh - Xuan Thu:

Tôi Có Một Ðời Mưa - Nghieu Minh - Khac Dung:

You can watch other songs of Nghieu Minh by clicking on this link:

VN Cafe

Friday, April 4, 2008

Cung Le vs Frank Shamrock


Goldberg Toe to Toe with Frank Shamrock and Cung Le:

Frank Shamrock Talked About Cung Le for Up-coming Fight:

Cung Le vs Frank Shamrock - Cung Le Speaks:

Cung Le vs Frank Shamrock - Frank Shamrock Speaks:

Frank Shamrock VS Cung Le Press Conference PART 1:

Frank Shamrock vs Cung Le Press Conference PART 2:

Frank Shamrock vs Cung Le Recap & Post Fight Interview:

Frank Shamrock After Cung Le Fight Interview:

Cung Le - The Great Fighter 1:

Cung Le - The Great Fighter 2:

Cung Le - Fight Highlights:

Cung Le Fight Reel: