Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Lê Xuân Trường Photography

Fashion and beauty photographer Christopher Lê Xuân Trường possesses a unique style that grabs attention and intoxicates the viewer. Christopher's primary focus is fashion and beauty related images for commercial advertising, catalog, and editorial. Famous singer Ngọc Anh has been captured by his camera. He understands the importance of delivering more than just an image. His photos communicate a specific message to a predetermined audience in a way that will stand out and get noticeable results. That is what visual communication is all about.

Lê Xuân Trường has a lifelong passion and profession. He has always enjoyed hiking to the beauty and grandeur of the natural landscape and the challenge to capture it on film the way his eyes and mind perceived it. Trying to achieve vibrant colors, highlights, shadows and dramatic tones of black and white had taken him many years to achieve. His desire is to create images that capture every detail with thought, feeling and distinction.

His camera has captured Bích Vân, a vocalist, pianist, song writer, music director, music teacher - Born: August 4th in Saigon, Vietnam. In this video Broken Vow is perfomed by her beautiful voice.

Dòng Máu Anh Hùng - The Rebel

Hãy mua đĩa DVD gốc để ủng hộ nhà sản xuất và nền điện ảnh Việt Nam. Sau đây mời quí vị xem ít cảnh đánh nhau trong phim Dòng Máu Anh Hùng:

Monday, November 23, 2009

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor star as blind and deaf witnesses to a murder and now they're both prime suspects!
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See No Evil, Hear No Evil

From Universe to Multiverse. Are You Ready?

Are We Alone?

Chief astronomer at the Seti Institute, Seth Shostak, talks about life in the universe and our place in it, the Roswell Incident, the ultimate concern of humanity, and closes the show by sharing an insight from the head of an alien.

Water Found on the Moon

Friday, November 6, 2009

Snow Walker

When the plane carrying Charlie Halliday, a maverick bush pilot and a sick, young, Inuit woman crashes hundreds of miles from civilization, they are at the mercy of nature's worst.

Yellowstone National Park

As one of America's most popular destinations, Yellowstone National Park has attracted millions of visitors. Here you will see all the sights: geysers, lakes, waterfalls, lightning storms and hot springs including Old Faithful! Located in northern Wyoming, Yellowstone abounds in wildlife from baby elk to the mighty bison and moose, each lending its individual beauty to the landscape. Amongst the awe-inspiring scenery stands the majestic Grand Teton mountain range with its rugged peaks, beautiful lakes and crystal-clear streams.


A movie about a young woman attempts to lift a curse on a small fishing island.

Ramchand Pakistani

Based on a true story about an 8 year old Pakistani Hindu boy and his father who accidentally cross the border into India.