Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Endeavour Crew Ready to Fly

From: NASAtelevision | Apr 27, 2011 |
With two days to go to launch, the six-member crew of STS-134 continued its last-minute preparations for its scheduled flight to the International Space Station on Friday. That assessment came following a meeting of the shuttle's Mission Management Team.

Endeavour to Deliver Cosmic Ray Observatory to ISS:
From: NASAtelevision | Apr 7, 2011 |
This overview details how STS-134's prime payload, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, could revolutionize what we know about invisible cosmic rays the same way NASA's Hubble Space Telescope rewrote what we know about the visible universe. Endeavour's final mission, a 14-day journey to the International Space Station, will be commanded by astronaut Mark Kelly.

STS-134 Crew Ready for Mission:
From: NASAtelevision | Apr 6, 2011 |
The crew of space shuttle Endeavour is profiled as its six members gear up for their upcoming two-week mission to the International Space Station. They'll deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and spare parts to the station on Endeavour's final flight.

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