Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome Message

Hello everyone,

Welcome to VN Cafe Blog. I hope this will be a place for you and your friends to hang out. Enjoy and have a good time while you're here.

I just configured the newly developed technology that will read dynamic web pages and convert them into high-quality audio files. Odiogo's media-shifting technology expands the reach of your content: It transforms news sites and blog posts into high fidelity, near human quality audio files ready to download and play anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Currently, it does not support Vietnamese language yet. But I believe that this blog can speak Vietnamese in the near future. So, just hang on, OK?

Click on the "listen now" audio icon at the top of this Welcome message, kick back, relax to listen to this message without having to read the text content.

Very cool, right?

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions, I need to hear from you. Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoyed your stay...



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